The Unique
Gilled Bolete or Goldgills Mushroom

By William T. Hathaway
Gilled Bolete or Goldgills Mushroom

Since I have discovered only one specimen of this species in the past forty years, my picture of the Goldgills is a prized member of my collection of color slides. Surely, there are other species sites within Pittsylvania County; it is obvious that one amateur naturalist can only search limited areas within such a large county.

This is one of those mushrooms that may be classified with little doubt as to its identity; its unique characteristics are obvious. Strangely enough, here is a mushroom with the spores and structure similar to a bolete, yet the underside of the cap has gills. My favorite author David Arora in his book Mushrooms Demystified comments, “This evolutionary oddity is an adamant nonconformist.”

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