Shingled Hedgehog Mushroom:
Distinct Scale-like Markings

By William T. Hathaway

Shingled Hedgehog Mushroom (Hydnum imbricatum)

The Shingled Hedgehog Mushroom or “Hawk's Wing” belongs to a somewhat complex genus containing a few look-alike species. However, the scales on the cap and the coloration of the spiked gills offer reliable clues as to its identification.

When I first spotted this specimen growing on top of an old fallen pine log, I thought my eyes had deceived me. Frankly, I had never run across a mushroom with such distinct scale-like markings on the cap. It was an overcast day, but my camera flash attachment allowed me to get neat photos despite the lack of bright sunlight. For me, as an amateur naturalist, it was a photographic event that added much satisfaction to my photographic intentions; that is, I make a primary effort to add general knowledge to all who have an insatiable curiosity about their outdoor surroundings.

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