Bill Hathaway Photo Album

Edited by Henry H. Mitchell.

Further photographs of Bill Hathaway and his family and friends are welcomed (send by e-mail to editor). See also biographical notes and obituary.

James River

Bill Hathaway at Pony Pasture Rapids, looking from the south bank of the James River, two miles downstream from the Huguenot Bridge along Riverside Drive, Richmond, Virginia, August 17, 2008. (This and the next eight photos are provided by Bruce Carney.)

James River

Bill Hathaway along the James River, Richmond, Virginia, July 27, 2008.

Mt. Airy Roller Mill

Bill Hathaway with Billy Johnson, proprietor of the Mt. Airy Roller Mill, east of Gretna, Virginia, October 6, 2007.

Bill Hathaway at the Smith Mountain Dam

Bill Hathaway at the overlook above the Smith Mountain Dam, October 6, 2007.

Bill Hathaway at the Smith Mountain Dam

Bill Hathaway experiments with a new style of transportation, on the bridge below Smith Mountain Dam, October 6, 2007.

Bill Hathaway at the Danville Science Center

Bill Hathaway at the Danville Science Center in Danville, Virginia, August 4, 2007.

Bill Hathaway at the Danville Science Center

Bill Hathaway at the Danville Science Center, August 4, 2007. Bill had earlier prepared these specimens for display at the Danville Community College, and they have since been transferred to the Danville Science Center.

Bill Hathaway bicycles

Bill Hathaway bicycles in Danville, Virginia, August 4, 2007. Bruce Carney comments, “We parked near the science museum, and rode our bicycles a few miles down the Dan River. We went over the converted railroad bridge, then headed east. This photo shows Hathaway riding his bike on the paved path along the Dan River in 96-degree weather. He refused to wear a helmet. This reminded me of the photo of him with his bike during his 400-mile ride to Yosemite in 1945 [see below].”

Bill Hathaway and Bruce Carney

Bill Hathaway and Bruce Carney, August 4, 2007.

Bill Hathaway and Rickey Parker

Bill is presented the Naturalist Emeritus award by Assistant Superintendent Rickey Parker on behalf of the Pittsylvania County Public Schools on November 12, 2002. (Photo and related article are provided by Pittsylvania County Public Schools.)

Bill Hathaway at the Banister Cliffs

This photograph by Bruce Carney was taken in February 1994 on the Banister River cliffs above the Markham fish weir (see photo below). Bruce says of the image, “It's how I picture Bill Hathaway when he comes to mind. The walking stick, geologist's hammer, floppy hat, and green pants are standard equipment.”

Bill Hathaway addresses a rock

Bill Hathaway addresses a rock (photo by Bruce Carney).

Bill Hathaway, Avery Wyatt, and Class

Bill pauses during a springtime hike at the White Oak Mountain Wildlife Management Area with Avery Wyatt and her class of gifted/talented students from the Pittsylvania County Public Schools. (The photograph is from around 1990.)

Bill Hathaway at the VA/NC Border

Bill takes a compass reading during 1987 while tracing the 1728 path of Col. William Byrd II (see “Col. William Byrd's Observations”).

Bill Hathaway at the Markham Fish Weir

Bill explores a Native American fish weir in the Banister River at Markham, around 1980.

Johnny Westbrook with Peni and Kitty Hathaway

Naturalist and musician Johnny Westbrook is seen with Bill and Mildred Hathaway's daughters Peni and Kitty, and Bill Overton, at an overlook along the Blue Ridge Parkway.


Bill's wife Mildred and daughter Peni are shown with their dog, around 1960. (Daughter Kitty's hands and top of her head are seen as she tries to hide behind the tree trunk in the background.)

Bill Hathaway

Bill is pictured in his Marine uniform.

Bill Hathaway

“This was in Southern California in 1945. I had a two-week leave from the Marine Air Base at El Toro, California. This photograph was taken just before the day I rode from Santa Ana to Yosemite National Forest.”


Bill is the Marine marked by an arrow in this WWII photograph of a moment of “R&R.” The setting is Majuro, an island atoll in the southeast Marshall Islands, in the Western Pacific.

Bill Hathaway at Hargrave Military Academy

Bill attended Hargrave Military Academy in Chatham, Virginia. This portrait is from the school yearbook of his senior year (1941-1942). The photograph is captioned:

William Taylor Hathaway, Danville, Virginia — “Hambone”

Private, Second Platoon, Co. B; Private, First Class, Second Platoon, Co. B; Corporal, Second Platoon, Co. B; Sergeant, Second Platoon, Co. B; First Lieutenant, Commanding Co. D; Track Team; Football Squad; Intramural Basketball; Military Proficiency Award; Y. M. C. A. Social Service Committee; Varsity Club; Sabre Club; Honor Roll.

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