Friendship Mushroom

By William T. Hathaway

Friendship Mushroom (Amillariella tabescens)

The Friendship Mushroom (Amillariella tabescens) has features similar to the Honey Mushroom. At the present time, experts credit the Friendship species as having distinct characteristics that are not prone to change. (Therein may lie the possible meaning of “Friendship Mushroom.” The majority of mushrooms are found in a variety of forms.)

This mushroom may develop runners (root-like structures) which can climb the bark of trees. On dark nights when the forest seems saturated with moisture, the bark of certain trees may slough off, leaving mushroom runners exposed. Under these conditions it has been observed that the trunk of a fallen tree might glow with an eerie green color.

Of the many closely related species, the Friendship Mushroom can be eaten with caution. Remember, no mushroom should be eaten without the advice of an expert.